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What can we learn about the innovation performance of the creative industries from the UK Innovation Survey?

The UK’s creative industries are a national strength. They account for £91.8 billion of Gross Value Added (GVA) or 5.3 per cent of the whole economy. A high-growth sector, the creative industries grew by 45 per cent between 2010 and 2016, almost twice as fast...

The geography of the UK's creative and high-tech economies

In our 2013 study, A Dynamic Mapping of the UK’s Creative Industries, we noted that concepts like the ‘creative industries’ and ‘creative economy’ – indeed ‘creativity’ itself – although widely used by policymakers, lacked sufficiently clear and rigorous definitions. The report aimed to address this...
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Capacity building of employers is needed to grow disability employment

Australia’s disability employment landscape is transforming. The National Disablity Insurance Scheme continues to be rolled out across Australia, with the expectation of direct employment growth. Changes to government programs for people with disability are also underway. In this context, SVA in partnership with the Australian...