Environmental management

Alternate Term Label:
Environmental governance
Environmental regulation

Rehabilitating mines

This audit examines if the State of Victoria is effectively managing its exposure to liabilities from the rehabilitation of mines on private and public land.

Independent Review of the EPBC Act: interim report

This interim report suggests that the EPBC Act does not position the Commonwealth to protect the environment and Australia’s iconic places in the national interest. The operation of the Act is dated and inefficient, and it is not fit to manage current or future environmental...
Briefing paper

Background paper: Cultural burning practices in Australia

This paper provides background about cultural burning practices in Australia and surveys some of the literature about the practice.
Discussion paper

Efficient, effective and fair climate policy: a discussion paper

This discussion paper addresses how to achieve any given target for greenhouse gas reduction in a way that causes least cost to the economy, promotes innovation and is fair. It makes the case that the efficiency properties of market mechanisms have an important role to...
Working paper

Assessing the efficiency of environmental policy design and evaluation: results from a 2018 cross-country survey

In this working paper, the authors argue that if stringent environmental policies can be designed in a way that minimises economic burdens, they can facilitate the achievement of economic and environmental goals and a cleaner growth model.

Referrals, assessments and approvals of controlled actions under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment’s administration of referrals, assessments and approvals of controlled actions under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Protecting critically endangered grasslands

This audit looks at whether the management of native vegetation clearing is protecting state and nationally significant native vegetation in the extended urban growth boundary areas.

Milking the planet

In this report, the authors describe how carbon emissions from large dairy corporations are annually increasing and how many governments are not implementing the regulations required to mitigate the problem.
Briefing paper

Background paper: Land management – hazard reduction: a literature review

This literature review focuses predominantly on prescribed burning, which has been used in Australia as the preferred method to reduce fuel loads and fuel continuity and thus has received the most attention in the scientific literature. The paper also canvasses literature related to mechanical fuel...
Journal article

Anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric values as the basis of the new sustainable paradigm in architecture

The economics and social items related to architecture are showing that the environmental conscience must be spread not only to market and economical diplomacy, but to education, participation, and ethics too. The approach then, is finally global, holistic and focused on values.