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Identifying barriers in lean implementation in the construction industry

It is of utmost importance to identify factors which lead to poor management in Lean construction activities. This paper proposes that lack of ‘top management support’, ‘misperception about Lean practices’, and ‘lack of information sharing and integrated change control’ are the top three barriers for...
Conference paper

Lean awareness in Australian construction: investigating the extent of Lean adoption across Australian construction sectors

The purpose and aim of this paper is to quantitatively explore the presence, extent and awareness of lean construction principles within the Australian construction industry, as a point of reference for further study into adoption and implementation rates.
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Professional ethics in the South African construction industry

This paper addresses ethical issues with regard to the breach of professional responsibilities and obligations to clients and the general public, as evidenced from a questionnaire survey of architects, contractors, quantity surveyors and consulting engineers. Breaches in professional responsibilities include conflicts of interest and the...

Improved wellbeing or distress? Measuring the impacts of participation in a COVID-19 survey on participant wellbeing

For many throughout the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in drastic changes to life and social circumstances through health concerns related to the fear of infection with coronavirus, the negative impact of physical distancing measures and economic upheaval. For these reasons, COVID-19-related research has...
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Conducting legal need surveys in the Australian context: challenges and options

This paper provides an overview of the options for, and challenges of, conducting legal needs surveys in Australia. It highlights the factors which must be taken into account when designing a cost-effective survey to support the delivery of effective legal assistance services.
Literature review

The impact of malodour on communities: a review of assessment techniques

Highlights This review covers aspects from both analytical odour sampling as well as a community assessment paradigms. The dose-response relationship is discussed as a complex system that has varying degrees of influence dependent upon the olfactory quality assessed. Combined approaches are discussed and are found...
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Survey of the effect of odour impact on communities

Highlights A survey investigating the relationship between odour impact, wellbeing, odour observation, and perception, is implemented. It was found that odour impact was determined by a small number of factors including distance, odour legislation, and odour annoyance. Factors such as odour frequency also play a...

Immigration, population growth and voters: who cares, and why?

This report summarises a national survey of voters’ attitudes to population growth, immigration, and cultural and economic change run by The Australian Population Research Institute in 2018.
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Survey study on attitudes to multi-dimensional sustainable development with U.K. Msc students

As reflected in the sustainable development goals (SDGs), sustainable development is a multi-dimensional concept integrating political, ethical, economic, and other factors. Reports from the United Nations (UN) Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD) suggest that universities are more engaged with sustainable development in higher...
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Understanding trends in alternative work arrangements in the United States

This paper describes and tries to reconcile trends in alternative work arrangements in the United States using data from the Contingent Worker Survey supplements to the Current Population Survey (CPS) for 1995 to 2017, the 2015 RAND-Princeton Contingent Work Survey (CWS), and administrative tax data...