Sustainable green building assessment

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Supply chain management strategy for recycled materials to support sustainable construction

The concept of Sustainable Construction primarily emphasizes the wise use of resources (primarily natural resources), thereby systematically guaranteeing the fulfillment of future needs. This study will analyze the strategies needed to support sustainable construction in relation to supply chain management for materials, which have not...
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A three methods proactive improvement model for buildings construction processes

This paper proposes a proactive model to improve the overall performance of construction processes. The main advantage is that potential waste and associate impacts could be identified in the early stages of a project before the construction phase.

Maximising your investment: using rating tools to attract sustainable finance for real estate

Sustainable finance has been an area of interest to the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for some time. NABERS have been closely monitoring green bond issuances in the property sector and are encouraged by the uptake of sustainable finance solutions many customers are...
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Green Star for New Buildings – consultation paper

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) releases this Green Star for New Buildings consultation paper. Since it first launched to market in 2003, Green Star has been a transformational force for the sustainable built environment. More than 2,250 projects across Australia have now been...
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Building Information Modelling for Building Energy Efficiency Evaluation: Integration with Green Building Index (GBI) in Malaysia

Due to the arising concern for sustainability in built environment, numerous green building certification and rating systems are available throughout the world including Green Building Index (GBI) and GreenRE which were introduced in Malaysia in 2009 and 2013 respectively. However, the current methods of measuring...

US-GA-Atlanta-2017-Sustainable Building Ordinance

ATLANTA , GA , CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE LEVEL , IN FORCE US-GA-Atlanta-2017-Sustainable Building Ordinance This is a case study of how Green building LEED Silver certification caused Sustainable development design standards to be amended.
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Costs and benefits of implementing green building economic incentives: case study of a gross floor area concession scheme in Hong Kong

This paper applies cost–benefits analysis (CBA) and transaction cost (TC) theory to systematically evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing the green building economic incentives, with focused study on the Gross Floor Area (GFA) Concession Scheme in Hong Kong. The data of costs and benefits...
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An overview of sustainable assessment tools of BREEAM, LEEDv4 and GB

Purpose / Context - Sustainability has become an important issue in building construction sector. The tools of sustainable building assessment have been developed to evaluate the environmental impacts of buildings around the world. Chinese green building assessment tool (GB) was established later than other tools...