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Report of Valuing the Teaching Profession - an independent inquiry

In early 2020, the NSW Teachers Federation resolved to commission an independent inquiry into the state of the teaching profession in the public schools of NSW and the significant changes that have affected the profession since 2004. This report outlines the inquiry's findings.
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How non-union agreements suppress wage growth – and why the Omnibus Bill will lead to more of them

This report illustrates how the Morrison Government's omnibus industrial relations bill will lead to a significant increase in employer-designed enterprise agreements (EA) that reduce workers' pay and conditions, rather than improve them—signalling a return to the WorkChoices pattern of EA-making and putting further downward pressure...
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Wage growth distribution and changes over time: 2001-2018

The results in this research suggest that wage growth inequality between employees is relatively independent of where the economy is in the business cycle, and that the differences between employees are more substantial than the year-to-year variation.
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Fact Check: Is wages growth now the lowest since records began?

Labor's 10-year plan for the economy, released a month before the election, claims wages growth in 2016 is the lowest it has been since records began.
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Fact Check: How fast are wages, productivity really growing in Australia?

The president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Ged Kearney, claims wages in Australia have been at their lowest rate of growth in decades and labour productivity is the highest it's been in decades.
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Fact Check: Have wages grown in five years under the Coalition only as much as they did in one year under Labor?

Despite the Turnbull Government predicting a rise in pay packets, former treasurer Wayne Swan says real private sector wages have grown just one per cent across the five years since the Coalition assumed office in 2013, and claims Labor achieved an equiva
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Fact Check: Have wages grown steadily and outstripped inflation over the past decade?

Jobs and Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O'Dwyer claims that wages have grown steadily over the past decade, rising by 30 per cent and outstripping inflation at 20 per cent.
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Fact Check: Are company profits growing five times faster than Australians' wages?

Opposition finance spokesman Jim Chalmers claims that company profits have grown five times faster than Australians' wages.
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The long-term consequences of wage freezes for real wages, lifetime earnings, and superannuation

A wage freeze is often described as a "temporary sacrifice," that supposedly ends once normal annual wage increments are restored. However, this paper confirms that the legacy of even a temporary pay freeze is a permanent reduction in lifetime incomes and superannuation, which can easily...

Tolerate unemployment, but blame the unemployed

For the last generation, macroeconomic policy in Australia has been based on the assumption that unemployment must be maintained at a certain minimum level in order to restrain wages and prevent an outbreak of accelerating inflation. Now, after six years of record-low wage growth, this...