Public sector innovation


The AI powered state: China's approach to public sector innovation

This collection of essays aim to give policymakers a deeper understanding of how China is innovating with artificial intelligence (AI) in public services, challenging current misconceptions and illuminating nuances in the debate.
Discussion paper

Australian public sector innovation: shaping the future through co-creation

The key message of this report is that the public sector must become a leader and enabler of innovation in Australia, constituting as it does about 35% of GDP with a pervasive role in our economy and society.
Discussion paper

Co-production and innovation - creating better solutions for future public service implementation

This review of the academic and practitioner literature reveals that, at its core, co-production is a process that is entered into collaboratively, but how this is constituted depends on a number of factors. It depends on the level the co-production is involved in to enable...
Journal article

Innovation labs and co-production in public problem solving

This study examines how innovation labs are enhancing policy capacity through collaborative and citizen-centred approaches to policy design. It examines their relationships to government and their promotion of citizen participation in public problem solving.

Government at a glance 2017

Strengthening, establishing dialogue with citizens through open and participative policymaking processes, and enhancing government’s capacity to choose the most appropriate policies among various options - all are key to re-connect governments with their citizenry and foster more inclusive and sustainable growth. Government at a Glance...

Our futures: by the people, for the people

Moving beyond citizen assemblies and traditional public engagement, participatory futures techniques help people to develop a collective image of the future they want, so that they can make better, more informed decisions. This guide outlines how mass involvement with shaping the future may help to...

Navigating change in the public and social sectors

In this article, Susie King, SVA Consulting Director, reflects on a panel conversation she facilitated with senior leaders during a session at IPAA Victoria’s Public Sector Week 2019 on navigating transformation and disruption in the public and social sectors.

The risk of the digital status quo: how governments can enable digital transformation

Digital transformation can be risky — but the status quo is riskier. Drawing on insights of CIOs and senior public servants, this report identifies strategies for dealing with the risks of not embracing digital technology for public services, including: legacy systems costs, cyber security, people and...

Stand by me: managing wellbeing in the civil service during times of change

This report is the second part of a two-stage engagement process, designed by Demos with the Charity for Civil Servants, to build a practical, evidence-based handbook for supporting wellbeing during times of change within the civil service. This guide is intended to be a practical...

Delivering artificial intelligence in government: challenges and opportunities

This report reviews recent progress made in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to public sector service provision, drawing on lessons learned from commercial experience, as well as burgeoning cognitive computing activity by government. The author takes this real-world experience to set forth a framework for agencies...