Community-scale greenhouse gas emissions



Precinct design assessment: a guide to smart sustainable low carbon urban development

This guide has been developed to help speed a transition to sustainable urban development in two key environmental domains related to resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for Australia’s cities.

Estimating the GHG emission reduction from expanding sharing economy mobility services in the city of Adelaide

In Australia, various City Councils, including the City of Adelaide, are pursuing carbon neutrality at municipal-scale based on their operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As passenger transport is a major component of city operational GHG emissions, there is an opportunity for shared mobility services to...
Working paper

Modelling the potential impact of New Zealand’s freshwater reforms on land-based Greenhouse Gas emissions

This report is the first national assessment of the indirect impacts of the NPS-FM on New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).
Conference paper

Energy and greenhouse gas emissions implications of alternative housing types for Australia

This paper provides a comparison of the energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions between typical detached outer-suburban housing currently being built in Australia’s major cities and inner-city and -suburban apartments, which are increasingly seen as a legitimate alternative to the housing that is currently being...