Life cycle energy


Material efficiency in clean energy transitions

This report examines the potential for material efficiency and the resulting energy and emissions impact for key energy-intensive materials: steel, cement and aluminium. It includes deep dives on the buildings construction and vehicles value chains, and outlines key policy and stakeholder actions to improve material...
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Mixed-unit hybrid life cycle assessment applied to the recycling of construction materials

The construction industry contributes around 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, 40% of depletion of natural resources, and 25% of wastes globally. To reduce these impacts, construction industries can adopt low-carbon alternatives for construction materials and waste minimisation strategies, including the recycling of construction and demolition...
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Life-cycle energy modelling for urban precinct systems

Buildings are major contributors to global energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. There has been increasing effort and attention from industry and academia towards improving the energy efficiency of buildings and lowering the carbon footprint of this sector in the context of urban development. However...
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Energy and carbon performance evaluation for buildings and urban precincts: review and a new modelling concept

With the accelerating pace of urbanisation around the world, the planning, development and operation of buildings and precincts have become increasingly important with respect to energy use and the associated carbon footprint of the modern built environment. Over recent decades, much effort, both in research...