Service integration


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Understanding for whom, how and why Sydney Local Health District’s integrated response was effective in addressing COVID-19: a critical realist qualitative study

Australia has been comparatively effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. The Sydney Local Health District [SLHD] used a “whole of health” integrated approach to respond to the pandemic. The aim of this study was to understand for whom, how and why this response worked...


Working across sectors to meet the needs of clients experiencing domestic and family violence

Women and children experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV) often have complex and diverse needs that cannot be met by a single service. This paper summarises the evidence on interagency collaboration, and offers recommendations and resources for policy-makers and practitioners seeking to implement an integrated...

Path to safety: Western Australia’s strategy to reduce family and domestic violence 2020–2030

Family and domestic violence is devastating families and communities across Western Australia at alarming rates. This strategy document sets out a clear, whole-of-government and community plan for reducing and responding to this issue over the next decade.

Integrated prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect: framework

This framework outlines the vision, guiding principles, objectives and strategic priorities to strengthen NSW Health response to violence, abuse and neglect. It is underpinned by a comprehensive evidence base and was developed through a co-design process with extensive consultation​.​​​​​
Journal article

Putting one-stop-shops into practice: a systematic review of the drivers of government service integration

This article outlines an evidence review, looking at barriers and drivers to the adoption and implementation of government one-stop-shops.

Specialist family violence services: the heart of an effective family violence system

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence is an extraordinary opportunity to interrogate and strengthen the family system in this state. Unprecedented increase in family violence incidents has placed demands on the system - the specialist family violence services police, legal support, child protection and...
Working paper

More effective social services – draft report

Key Points Social services help New Zealanders to live healthy, safe and fulfilling lives. They provide access to health services and education opportunities, and protect and supp ort the most vulnerable. The quality of these services and access to them are crucial to the ongoing...
Literature review

'Safe at home' programs in the context of the Victorian Integrated family Violence Service System Reform

This review examines ‘safe at home’ in the context of National and state family violence policy and practice initiatives. Specific focus is given to determining elements required for successful and effective implementation.