Quality management

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Quality control
Quality improvement
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Developing a systems approach for managing ethics in construction project environments

Ethics management, business ethics and corporate social responsibility are ethics related emerging issues for all businesses in the world. There is little evidence that the same level of attention is being paid to ethics management in the construction industry and construction projects.
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Occasional Paper 7: Quality ratings by socio-economic status of areas

This occasional paper is the seventh in a series about the National Quality Framework (NQF). It shares detailed analysis and insights into the quality of children’s education and care services based on the socio‑economic status of their location.

Quality improvement research project

This report presents findings from the three phase, mixed-methods Quality Improvement Research Project, which investigated the characteristics and internal processes of quality improvement in long day care (LDC) services. The findings reinforce the importance of leadership at all levels of service provision.
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The beauty of a phase-overlapping Last Planner System with incorporated Takt

This research concludes that the Last Planner System (LPS) aligns to the Toyota Production System (TPS) and its recognized management theory, which is a vehicle to integrate the minds + hands philosophy within projects from early design phase till handover. Our findings show that adopting...
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Behavior-based quality, case study of closing the knowing-doing gap

This is a case study of a large US general contractor’s efforts to rethink and implement a new behavior-based approach to quality to achieve zero errors, zero defects, zero rework, and zero surprises. Recognition of upstream behaviors that resulted in quality issues and unpredictable results...

Performance-based specifications for sustainable pavements: A Lean engineering analysis

Lean concepts, though born in the manufacturing industry, have since made their way to the construction industry. In a broad sense, lean concepts aim at minimizing waste and maximizing value which can be related to cost, quality, and time. These aims are in-line with sustainable...
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Design-build and design-bid-build in construction - A comparative review

This paper aims at synthesizing relevant findings about the Design-Build (DB) construction delivery system from previous studies. It focuses especially on cost, schedule, quality, and various sustainability aspects associated with a construction project, as they are widely used as performance indicators in this industry. This...
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Impact of supplier evaluation on product quality

Supplier evaluation and engagement are regular topics in the Lean literature at large. It is well known that Toyota extensively works with suppliers to develop their work and capabilities, and provides challenges and feedback to suppliers so that they can achieve the quality requirements defined...
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Analysis of the influence of Lean Construction and LEED Certification on the quality of construction sites

Adequate planning of construction sites guarantees better efficiency, productivity, quality on the development of all work activities, optimization of the physical available space, workers' safety and motivation in performing their duties. The objective of this paper is to verify the influence of Lean Construction and...
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DMAIC Method of Quality Improvement of Ground Works Processes: Case Study

The foundations are important part of every building's structure. It can be distinguished square foundations and deep foundations. The process of creating foundations during building construction can be in some cases very complicated and, similar to other construction processes, very costly when errors and problems...