Dairy industry

Dairy farming

Performance of Australia's dairy industry and the profitability of Australian dairy farmers since deregulation in 2000

This inquiry was conducted during a period when the Australian dairy industry was contributing to the implementation of a number of key initiatives, including the introduction of the mandatory dairy industry code of conduct from 1 January 2020, and the development of the Australian Dairy...

The dairy sector in New Zealand

This paper looks at the economic significance of the dairy industry, the regulatory environment, competition, competing corporate strategies, competing organisational forms and future challenges.

Milking the planet

In this report, the authors describe how carbon emissions from large dairy corporations are annually increasing and how many governments are not implementing the regulations required to mitigate the problem.

Farmer guide to the Dairy Code of Conduct

The Australian government is supporting the dairy industry by implementing clearer and enforceable rules about the conduct of business relationships between farmers and the first purchasers of milk (generally processors). This guide helps farmers better understand the code and how it will affect their business.

Getting the balance right

This report explores some of the costs and benefits of changing how human activity, particularly farming, affects the quality of water in New Zealand.
Technical report

Barriers to adoption of win–win mitigation farm practices: evidence from New Zealand pastoral farmers

This paper uses survey data from 167 New Zealand sheep/beef and dairy farmers to explore the non-financial barriers that affect their decision-making when deciding whether or not to adopt or expand particular on-farm greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mitigation practices.

Companies spoke. Did their suppliers listen?

Oxfam's 'Behind the Brands' campaign focused on sustainability policies of the ten biggest food and beverage companies globally. This report examines the performance of seven agribusinesses against the same scorecard.

Dairy inquiry: final report

The dominant picture that has emerged from this inquiry is one of significant imbalances in bargaining power at each level of the dairy supply chain. This begins with the relationships between retailers and dairy processors, and progresses down to the relationship between processors and farmers.

Dairy inquiry: interim report

This ACCC interim report outlines options to bring about changed dairy industry practices, to make it easier for farmers to switch to a processor that offers better terms and conditions, and improve production signals and competition at the farm gate.

Australia's dairy industry: rebuilding trust and a fair market for farmers

Despite being Australia's third largest agricultural industry, many dairy farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to cover costs and continue in the industry. Over the last decade, the farm gate milk price has been relatively stable, while the cost of production has increased significantly.