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Policy implications for the performance gap of low-carbon building technologies

It is widely recognized that the actual impact of low-carbon technologies is often lower than predicted by models alone, a phenomenon which has been coined the ‘performance gap’. Despite this awareness, in many instances estimates of both energy savings and renewable energy generation in domestic...

Maintaining Australia's national interests in Antarctica: Inquiry into Australia's Antarctic Territory

This report’s recommendations provide the Australian government with an opportunity to strengthen its work with respect to Antarctica and build on already impressive foundations.
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Field education as signature pedagogy - insights for Australian social work

Field education has been identified as the signature pedagogy of the profession. Field education is also being said to be in crisis.
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Thermal environment and thermal comfort in a passive residential building in the severe cold area of China

Purpose / Context - The outdoor climate in Harbin is more severely colder than German. Therefore, it is important to study indoor thermal environment and human thermal comfort in Harbin passive buildings by applying Germany technology. However, few studies were reported on this topic. Methodology...
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Thermal environment and thermal adaptation in residential buildings

Purpose / Context - The winter in the severe cold area of China is long and cold, with a long heating period. In recent years, the indoor air temperature during heating in residential buildings kept increas-ing. In order to study the thermal comfort and adaptation...
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Effects of indoor air temperature on blood pressure among nursing home residents in Japan

Purpose / Context – To quantify the relationship between indoor temperature and blood pressure in Japanese nursing home residents. Methodology / Approach – A field study of 27 nursing homes in Japan was conducted. We meas-ured the indoor temperature of nursing homes and collected data...
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Effects of night-time bedroom temperature on morning blood pressure during winter: A multilevel analysis

Purpose / Context – To analyse the association between night-time temperature in the bedroom and morning blood pressure (BP). Methodology / Approach - Data were obtained from field surveys conducted from November 2014 to March 2015 on indoor temperature, home BP, sleep, and personal attributes...