State and Territory budgets



Infrastructure election monitor: New South Wales red book

The NSW Labor Party, led by Chris Minns, is projected to form majority government after the 2023 NSW state election. This report outlines the Minns Government’s infrastructure policy and project commitments, including an overview of public infrastructure investment and market dynamics.
Briefing paper

Northern direction: If NSW had the Queensland coal royalty system

In 2022, the Queensland Government improved its coal royalty scheme to ensure additional government revenue is generated in times of high coal prices This briefing note estimates the changes to royalty revenue that New South Wales would have generated had the state adopted reforms similar...
Policy report

A sea of red: tracking Australia’s debt iceberg

The backdrop to the forthcoming federal and state budgets for 2022/23 is that Australia’s public debt has increased sharply during the pandemic since 2019 — and is projected to increase further. This report provides an update of measures of Australia’s public debt based on mid-year...

NSW Review of federal financial relations: final report

This final review report finds that while the federation had served the nation well, creeping centralisation and an increasing administrative burden in the financial relations between the Commonwealth and the states has prevented the nation from being as economically efficient as we can be.

The Second Interval: evaluating the ACT’s 20 year Land Value Taxation transition after 8 years

The motivation for this tax transition was to improve the predictability, efficiency and equity of the ACT’s taxation system. Eight years into the twenty year transition it appears that the reforms are achieving all three objectives.
Briefing paper

Stamp duty to land tax: revenue impacts of 'grandfathering' and 'opt-in'

This brief summarises new modelling on the revenue impacts of the model floated by the NSW Treasurer, and explains the key trade-offs involved to inform public policy debate.
Draft report

NSW Review of federal financial relations: draft report

This NSW Review of federal financial relations draft report sets out a blueprint for refreshing Australia’s 119-year-old federation.
Policy report

State finances after the pandemic

This report surveys the likely effects of the pandemic crisis on state budgets and then looks at the outlook for state fiscal aggregates as they were before the pandemic hit. It also traces the pre-crisis trends and trends and possible impacts of the crisis in...
Media release

Urgent support for frontline domestic violence services

The Morrison Government will provide $32.5 million to states and territories to immediately bolster frontline services to protect those most at risk of domestic violence as a result of living changes enforced due to the coronavirus pandemic. Initiative: Domestic violence services increased
Discussion paper

NSW Review of federal financial relations: discussion paper

The NSW Government has commenced a review of federal financial relations. This discussion paper outlines options for reform.

Delivering fairness: 2019 VCOSS Victorian budget submission

This pre-budget submission, from the state's peak social service body, contains over 50 recommendations to government aimed to deliver fairness, prosperity and opportunity for Victorians.

Council to Homeless Persons pre-budget submission 2019–2020

This submission calls for increased funding and actions from the Victorian government to improve access to housing and address homelessness in the state.

The First Interval: evaluating ACT’s Land Value Tax transition

Prosper Australia commissioned Dr Cameron Murray to examine the early benefits of ACT’s 20 year process replacing conveyancing stamp duty with land tax. This report outlines the findings.
Briefing paper

The 2002/2003 Victorian state budget: How good is it for Victorian social policy?

The recent Victorian state budget received rave reviews from the social sector on the day it was brought down last month. But how good was it? asks David Hayward in his post-budget analysis for the Victorian Council of Social Service.