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The perceived value of insurance for low-income households

This report provides an extensive analysis of how low-income households both value insurance and what they consider when making their insurance decisions. The findings point to both practical barriers, such as cost, for low-income households, as well as attitudinal differences in the perception of how...
Discussion paper

Motor accident injury insurance and automated vehicles: discussion paper

This paper identifies elements within existing motor accident injury insurance schemes that may act as barriers to accessing compensation for personal injuries or death caused by an automated driving system. The paper discusses how these schemes, or alternative insurance models, could provide cover for injuries...
Briefing paper

Some features of car financing in Australia: background paper 3

This background paper provides information about car financing in Australia, including the range of participants and their relationship to car dealers, the relative market share of various participants, the size of the sector and the profitability of the sector.

Pranged: the real cost of optional vehicle insurance in Australia

Motor vehicles represent a significant asset for most Australian adults, as well as a vital enabler for economic and social interaction. Insurance is a sensible precaution to protect against unexpected loss or damage.
Discussion paper

The sale of add-on insurance and warranties through caryard intermediaries - consultation paper

This consultation paper seeks feedback from insurers, credit providers, car dealers, insurance and finance brokers, consumers, consumer representatives and other interested parties on options for reform to the sale of add-on insurance and warranties through caryard intermediaries.

Australia's general insurance industry: sapping consumers of the will to compare

This report argues that accessibility, transparency, affordability and competition are crucial features of a well-functioning general insurance market.