Recovery-oriented practice

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Building design and construction strategies for a circular economy

Through a systematic literature review, this study assesses which design and construction strategies are being linked to the concept of CE for new buildings, and their level of application and readiness in a building context.

COVID-19 recovery: a 9-point plan

COVID-19 has challenged all nations, all industries and every profession. Engineers have been part of the healthcare response and are also ready to bring their expertise to bear in support of Australia’s efforts to achieve widespread economic recovery. This 9-point plan sets out key criteria...

Developing and maintaining person centred active support

This project aimed to explore the applicability of Active Support in supported accommodation services for people with neurotrauma, and the effectiveness of this model of staff practice in improving quality of life outcomes for this group.
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The value of a peer operated service

Peer support in the mental health sector is the help and support that ‘peers’ – people with a lived experience of mental health issues – are able to give one another. A peer worker is employed on the basis that they bring their lived experience...