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Investing for Australia: clarifying climate risk expectations of the Future Fund

This report assesses Australia's Future Fund's climate risk management using publicly available information. It uses established tools and compares the Future Fund's climate risk approach to practices at other institutional investors, including other sovereign wealth funds.

Improving the performance of sovereign funds in the Pacific

This report summarises the research that has been undertaken on Sovereign Funds in the Pacific and draws out key findings, lessons and opportunities for funds to move closer to “best practice”.

Reference portfolios for sovereign funds in Pacific Island nations

Third in a series of papers on the role of Sovereign Funds (SFs) in the Pacific Islands, this report suggests a 'reference portfolio' approach as a benchmark governance choice for Pacific Island funds

The role of sovereign funds in Pacific Island nations

Sovereign Funds (SFs) are often the largest single asset owner and investor in the Pacific Islands, and the income stream from these funds can also be a large part of fiscal revenues.
Working paper

Sovereign Wealth Funds: the good guy investment actors

Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) have been portrayed in some quarters as potential bad guys in global financial markets due to their supposed political as opposed to commercial intentions and influence. However, two key international developments during and since the 2008/2009 Global Financial Crisis have prompted...
Working paper

The global impact of state capital

This paper examines the nature of state capital, its increasing prevalence and impacts in the global economy, and the implications of current state capital trends for Australia. The paper classifies several key state capital actors and maps their scale, scope and investment strategies in both...
Working paper

What’s the state of play? The effects of state capital investment in Australia and regulatory implications

The growing size and significance of investments by Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), especially those of rapidly growing Asian economies, are having a profound impact on the dynamics of markets across the world. Better understanding global state investment capital is an increasingly...