Uluru Statement

Alternate Term Label:
Uluru Statement from the Heart

Lidia Thorpe wants to shift course on Indigenous recognition. Here’s why we must respect the Uluru Statement

This article highlights why an established First Nations Voice to Parliament would be a practical way forward to guide further treaty-making processes.

Three years on from Uluru, we must lift the blindfolds of liberalism to make progress

The proposed constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament was rejected; treaty remains a dream, and the Australian people appear generally indifferent to historical introspection.

Response to survey Closing the Gap agreement

The Royal Australian Colege of General Practitioners (RACGP) is using this opportunity to reinforce its earlier position on the direction of the Closing the Gap Strategy, and to voice their support for continued leadership from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations.

The Voice to Parliament isn’t a new idea - Indigenous activists called for it nearly a century ago

When one reads the Uluru Statement of the Heart – and its call for a Voice to Parliament – it is important to recognise this is not a new fight. In fact, Aboriginal people began making demands for a political voice nearly a century ago.

Uluru Statement: a quick guide

This guide provides an overview of the recent ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart.’