Female perpetrators


Discussion paper

Double jeopardy: the economic and social costs of keeping women behind bars

This paper provides a foundational framework outlining the clear need to reform the imprisonment of women in Australia. It seeks to highlight the key issues and emphasise the urgent need to reduce rates of female imprisonment through a nationally consistent approach.

Accurately identifying the “person most in need of protection” in domestic and family violence law

When police are called to an incident of domestic and family violence (DFV), one of their tasks under DFV law is to determine whether a party is in need of protection from future harm. This research project focused on identifying areas of improvement in police...

Female perpetrated intimate partner homicide: Indigenous and non-Indigenous offenders

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet commissioned the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) to undertake research into female perpetrated domestic violence and homicide. This study uses a descriptive and exploratory approach to analyse these factors in homicides committed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous women...

Female perpetrated domestic violence: prevalence of self-defensive and retaliatory violence

Differences between male and female perpetrated domestic violence are widely acknowledged. However, there is a lack of Australian data on the circumstances of female perpetrated violence. The findings in this report highlight the different motivations for female perpetrated domestic violence, and the importance of understanding...