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Barwon South West Local Coastal Hazard Assessment (Phase 1) G21

The Barwon South West Local Coastal Hazard Assessment Phase 1 Project aims to build a detailed picture of existing and future coastal hazards within the region.

Shellfish reefs for shoreline protection of highly erodible coasts

The monitoring program aims to establish if the artificial reef is effective in dampening wave energy and accreting sand, which in turn is expected to broaden and stabilise the beach. The program will also monitor the colonisation of marine communities both on the reef and...
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Towards a sustainable marine management regime: an update on Tasmanian progress

Tasmania’s coastal waters have high biodiversity and endemism, but are in a state of decline and increasing pressure from climate change, fishing and aquaculture operations, agricultural run-off, urban development and population growth. This paper argues that an integrated approach to managing Tasmania’s coastal waters is...

Investigation into the impact of climate change on seawalls

There are over 90 kilometres of seawalls, levees, and associated drains within the South Gippsland Shire and Wellington Shire Council. Most of these were constructed or re-constructed during the 1950s to the 1970s to provide protection from what was then considered to be the highest...

Flooded future: global vulnerability to sea level rise worse than previously understood

The research in this report finds that, based on sea level projections for 2050, land currently home to 300 million people will fall below the elevation of an average annual coastal flood. By 2100, land now home to 200 million people could sit permanently below...

Coastal and marine management strategy Northern Territory 2019-2029

This strategy document has been prepared to safeguard the health and viability of the Northern Territory coast and seas. It aims to support the use of coastal and marine areas by Territorians and visitors for recreational and cultural purposes, and to foster sustainable industry for...
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Coastal and marine management Northern Territory: discussion paper

The NT Government is committed to developing and implementing a Coastal and Marine Management Strategy that will ensure the health and viability of our coast and seas.
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Urban heat island and overheating characteristics in Sydney, Australia. An analysis of multiyear measurements

It has become increasingly important to study the urban heat island phenomenon due to the adverse effects on summertime cooling energy demand, air and water quality and most importantly, heat-related illness and mortality. The present article analyses the magnitude and the characteristics of the urban...

Assessment of the values of Victoria’s marine environment

VEAC was requested to undertake this assessment in March 2018, to inform and support the development of Victoria’s marine and coastal policy and strategy, including the proposed marine spatial planning framework.

New South Wales community perceptions of coastal erosion and inundation

The purpose of this study was to provide an evidence-based platform that will assist local governments and coastal management professionals in the future development of suitable and effective educational strategies and programs to help improve the ability of NSW coastal communities to adapt sustainably to...