Alcohol advertising

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Fact Check: Is there 'no or very little' link between alcohol advertising and underage drinking?

Amid concerns that children are exposed to thousands of alcohol advertisements during sport broadcasts, the Brewers Association claims there is no link or very little link between alcohol advertising and alcohol misuse, including underage drinking.

Impossible to escape: the need for stronger restrictions on the placement of alcohol marketing in Australia

This report highlights the extent of community concern around the placement of alcohol marketing, and calls on all Australian governments to introduce stronger restrictions to better protect children and young people from exposure to alcohol marketing.

Alcohol industry advertising partnerships with AFL and NRL teams 2019

This study finds that alcohol advertising deals are widespread in the AFL and NRL men’s competitions. However, alcohol advertising across the codes is not ubiquitous, indicating that alcohol advertising deals are not a pre-requisite for success or popularity of teams.

Alcohol marketing during the 2018 Australian football grand finals

This analysis reveals that the AFL and NRL 2018 grand finals were highly saturated with alcohol advertising, the vast majority of which took place during children’s TV viewing hours.

Evidence on the nature and extent of alcohol promotion and the consequences for young people's alcohol consumption

Young people are more likely to start drinking alcohol earlier and at risky levels as a direct result of alcohol companies targeting them via advertising, this review by Curtin University has found.
Journal article

Developing an alternative alcohol advertising complaint review system: lessons from a world-first public health advocacy initiative

This article argues that a public-health advocacy model to regulate alcohol advertising proves a success in WA and could be replicated elsewhere.

Cricket Australia has dropped the ball on alcohol sponsorship

Cricket Australia and Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) announced their 20-year sponsorship deal, estimated to have been worth $65 million over five years, had come to an end. No longer would Australian cricket players take to the field with Victoria Bitter logos emblazoned across their...