Marginal housing

Marginal renting
Marginal tenure
Unsupported temporary accommodation
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Housing support available for rough sleepers

The $36 million Together Home project will help get hundreds of people off the streets by securing them homes from the private rental market. Initiative: Housing support available for rough sleepers
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Breaking the cycle of homelessness

More than 1,200 people who were sleeping rough in NSW have been helped into temporary accommodation through the rapid expansion of assertive outreach to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Initiative: Temporary Accommodation for rough sleepers Initiative: Increased outreach capacity Initiative: Effort to find permanent housing...

Older women in the private rental sector: unaffordable, substandard and insecure housing

Single older women aged 55 and over are over-represented amongst the asset poor in Australia and are one of the fastest growing groups of homeless people nationally. This report presents the experiences of single older women living on low incomes in the private rental sector...
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Shared room housing in Sydney: regulatory and enforcement challenges and policy responses

This paper argues that there is a need for regulatory and policy reforms, such as reviews of tenancy regulations for secure occupancy, affordable housing models/designs, and efficient monitoring and reconciliation systems to address tenants’ challenges in the shared housing sector.

People in short-term or emergency accommodation: a profile of Specialist Homelessness Services clients

Short-term or emergency accommodation is a service provided for the homeless, and those at risk of homelessness. This report explores the circumstances, experiences and housing outcomes of clients in short-term or emergency accommodation who sought assistance from specialist homelessness services between 1 July 2011 and...
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Urban campgrounds as service hubs for the marginally-housed

Although the service hub concept is most commonly associated with deprived areas of the North American inner city, similar clusters of facilities can also be found in other contexts. In this paper, we conceptualise urban campgrounds in Auckland, New Zealand as small-scale service hubs for...

Lifting the lid on hidden homelessness: a new analysis

This report provides a fresh analysis of data on hidden homeless populations in unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) in order to lift the lid on the true extent of homelessness in England.
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The rent gap debunked

Smith's rent gap theory of gentrification has inspired a substantial amount of critical attention as well as several empirical studies. None of these studies addresses a fundamental problem with the rent gap hypothesis - namely, its dependence on a distinction between actual and potential land...

Australia’s private rental market

This report aims to provide relevant information to assist policy-makers in addressing accesss to affordable housing in the private rental market.

Home sweet home - act for the house not the tenant

This project was developed in response to the anecdotal evidence of the poor standard of rental accommodation available to low income earners of the western suburbs of Melbourne, coupled with the lack of tenant-initiated repairs disputes at VCAT.