Supporting Australia’s housing system: modelling pandemic policy responses

This research considers the economic literature relating to pandemics, and models a range of related economic outcomes on employment and unemployment by sector, and on the housing outcomes of home owners, private renters, and small investor landlords in Australia from late 2020 and through 2021.

Post pandemic landlord-renter relationships in Australia

This research investigates the mental and economic wellbeing of landlords and tenants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For landlords and tenants that have lost employment, had reduced income, or are seeking employment, the pandemic leaves a challenging financial situation for meeting rent or mortgage payments.
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Promoting the supply of low income rental housing

There is disturbing evidence of a contraction in the stock of low income private rental housing. In this paper we offer evidence indicating that federal government tax preferences, economies of scope and higher operating costs are part of the explanation for this contraction.
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The Taxation of Australian Landlords: Would the British Tax Treatment of Rental Investments Increase Tax Burdens if Introduced in Australia?

The tax treatment of housing can have important implications for the relative attractiveness of investment in housing.
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When and Why Do Landlords Retain Property Investments?

This paper examines factors influencing Australian landlords’ decisions to retain their rental investments.

Factors shaping the decision to become a landlord and retain rental investments

The supply of private rental housing has become more prominent in the debates around affordable housing as house prices have increasingly gotten out of the reach of prospective home owners, and rents have spiralled in rental housing. There is a concern that private rental markets...