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Space technology in Australia

This paper provides a background on Australia’s space industry, the relevant public and private organisations, and the legislative framework governing it. The author also examines the opportunities and challenges the industry currently faces, with respect to regulation and competition from overseas counterparts.
Discussion paper

Developing the Aotearoa New Zealand aerospace strategy: consultation document

Responses to this consultation paper will inform the final aerospace strategy, which aims to support the further growth of an internationally competitive Aotearoa New Zealand aerospace sector that is thriving, innovative and safe.

Low Earth Orbit, satellite constellations and regulation

With the cost of placing assets in space rapidly declining, and access to capital becoming easier as commercial uses of space are becoming normalised, new regulatory issues are emerging. This report identifies and evaluates the legal and regulatory arrangements and risks for these low Earth...
Policy report

Rudiments of a space security policy framework

This paper scopes out the broader challenges to space exploration security that have galvanised as a result of space privatisation and fledgling space-based public-private partnerships.

The now frontier: developing Australia's space industry

This inquiry report finds that while Australia has some manufacturing and technological capabilities that can contribute to the space sector, this will need to be more strategically developed and grown to sustain an industry.
Policy report

Australia as a space power: combining civil, defence and diplomatic efforts

This policy paper explores the important question of how Australia should approach the space domain in the years ahead, in pursuit of our national interest objectives.

Key governance issues in Space

The space domain is largely ungoverned and undisciplined. In this analysis, key areas of space governance are explored to understand international perspectives on ongoing debates in the field.

New Zealand space economy: its value, scope and structure

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) engaged Deloitte Access Economics to define and map New Zealand’s space economy and estimate the contribution it makes to New Zealand’s economy.
Discussion paper

Space Infrastructure Fund (SIF): Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence Command and Control Centre - consultation paper

The intended aim of the centre is to support the development and operation of robotic and remote asset management activities in space. This includes robotic operation of on-orbit space assets and automated command, control and management of robotic activities on the Moon or Mars.

Advancing space: Australian civil space strategy 2019 – 2028

The Australian civil space strategy outlines the Australian government’s plan to transform and grow the local space industry over ten years.

Territory space industry 2020

The Northern Territory wants to expand its role in the international space industry and further diversify its economy. This strategy aims to grow the Territory’s space industry capabilities, connect Territory industry with the Australian and global space economy, and support the Territory economy to become...

Australia in space: views from The Strategist

The first of July 2018 marks an important day for Australia’s quest to become a more important actor in space, with the creation of an Australian Space Agency. For the first time, Australia looks to have direction, coordination and focus in its endeavours beyond Earth...

Space industry capability in Western Australia

This report outlines why Western Australia would be an ideal home for the Australian National Space Agency, citing WA's geographic advantages and expertise in the space industry, which both align with the objectives of the Australian Space Agency.

Space for growth: prospects for Australia-US civil space cooperation

This report argues that Australia’s new space agency should consider establishing projects with the United States that help build-out Australia’s domestic space industry and align with America's strategic goals.

Australia’s future in space

Australia is approaching an important window of opportunity to change our approach to the use of space for defence and national security purposes and, more broadly, to the establishment of a sovereign space industry

Australian space industry capability: a review

This report has been prepared for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS). The terms of reference for this work are set out in Appendix A. It was prepared before the announcement that the Commonwealth Government will establish an Australian Space Agency.
Discussion paper

Review of Australia’s space industry capability - issues paper

The Australian government has announced a review of Australia’s space industry capability, to enable our nation to capitalise on the increasing opportunities within the global space industry sector.

Lost in space? Setting a new direction for Australia's space science and industry sector

Australia had a long and illustrious association with 'space science'. The first Australians used the patterns of the stars to guide them to seasonal food sources. Captain Cook arrived here on the way home from a voyage to chart the transit of Venus, with the...