Traffic management



The Suburban Rail Loop: not needed, not fit for purpose and a debt bomb

This report examines the merits of the Victorian government's decision to invest in the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) project, as part of their overall 'Big Build' infrastructure policy.

Te Ara Matatika: The fair path

This report argues New Zealand leaders need to rethink the transport system around two objectives - reducing car dependence and making the transport system fairer.
Working paper

Street space allocation and use in Melbourne’s activity centres

This research from urban planning experts details how inner-city suburbs in Melbourne lack footpath space – increasingly vital real estate amid strict indoor dining capacity limits that have been imposed as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Conference paper

Socialising parking: public opportunities via regulated market approaches

Market-based car parking policy is one of key fulcrums of transformational change towards sustainable and ethical urban futures. This paper examines parking policy approaches in Japanese cities that might broaden the possibilities of parking approaches and the urban relations they (re)produce.

Right time, right place, right price: a practical plan for congestion charging in Sydney and Melbourne

Last week’s Grattan report, Why it’s time for congestion charging, argued that congestion charging is the most effective way to make Australia’s capital cities work better. This new report lays out a detailed, feasible, and fair congestion-charging scheme for Australia’s two biggest cities.

Why it’s time for congestion charging: better ways to manage busy urban roads

Everyone wants less congestion - it would make life easier for drivers and make our cities work better. This plan attempts to tackle traffic congestion, without asking Australian communities to pay billions of dollars for major new roads.
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Fact Check Fact File: Matt Canavan says hook turns are a 'stupid way' to manage traffic. Are they?

Minister for Resources Matt Canavan claims no city other than Melbourne uses hook turns, which he says are "stupid". But research shows hook turns are an effective way to manage traffic where trams run in the middle of the street.

Five-year focus: Immediate actions to tackle congestion

This paper identifies key problem areas now, and in the future, on Melbourne’s transport network, and examines what can be done over the next five years to improve travel time and reliability.

Railway crossing safety strategy

This strategy document outlines a more integrated approach to managing South Australia's road and rail network and improving safety at railway crossings.
Conference paper

An effective tool for advanced traveller's information systems development

This paper presents a tool for advanced traveller’s information systems (ATIS) development and testing. The ATIS provide travellers with real time traffic information to help them make informed route choices in minimizing their travel costs.