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National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy

National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN): national report 2019

This national report provides further information than contained in the August 2019 summary release, including comparisons of performance by: gender, Indigenous status, language background other than English, parental occupation, parental education and school location.

NAPLAN Reporting Review

The NAPLAN Reporting Review was commissioned by the Education Council of COAG. It was conducted by Emeritus Professor Bill Louden, and endorsed by the Education Council in June 2019.

Has NAPLAN failed its most important test?

Uncertain goals and doubts about effectiveness have prompted a major reappraisal.

No, minister! Keep NAPLAN results away from student job applications

Under no circumstances do NAPLAN scores alone indicate a student's full potential, so linking them to any future job application is a dangerous idea.
Policy report

Overcoming the odds 2: where are the top-performing disadvantaged secondary schools?

Academic results can differ significantly between schools, despite them having similar levels of funding and disadvantage. This indicates that improving outcomes for disadvantaged students is not just a question of how much money is spent but also how it is spent.

Improving measures of school education output and productivity in Queensland

This paper defines and measures output in Queensland’s school education sector. It explores approaches to capturing changes in the quality of education using data on senior secondary certifications and NAPLAN achievement.
Journal article

Multiple risk exposures for reading achievement in childhood and adolescence

This research looks at the interaction of complex risk factors as determinants of children's measured reading ability, and makes some recommendations on how to best address these issues.

Submission to the NAPLAN Reporting Review 2019

NAPLAN is a national asset. With 12 years of data, gathered four times during the course of every student’s schooling, it provides vital insight into how schools and students are performing. In this submission to the 2019 NAPLAN Reporting Review, Peter Goss and Julie Sonnemann...
Literature review

Six effective practices in high growth schools

This Learning Curve describes effective practices common to NSW government schools that achieved high growth in NAPLAN between 2010 and 2014.

National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN): national report 2018

This report finds that, at the national level, the NAPLAN performance of Australian students in Years 5 and 9 – numeracy, Years 3 and 5 – reading, Years 3 and 5 – spelling, and Years 3 and 7 – grammar was significantly above the 2008...