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Reading the Bible in context

Tatala le Ta’ui a le Atua presents a series of Bible studies rooted in the importance of being relational in the Samoan culture. It embraces the belief that the self takes its form from maintaining relationships.

Samoa: gender and investment climate reform assessment

This report is one of six gender and investment climate reform assessments undertaken in six Pacific nations including Samoa. The report analyses gender-based investment climate barriers which constrain private sector development and identifies solutions to address them. Six investment climate areas are considered: public private...
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Research report: Tatala le ta’ui le Atua: rolling out the fine mat of scripture

This report outlines some of the research carried out by members of the project, ‘Tatala le ta’ui le Atua: Rolling out the fne mat of scripture’, funded by the New Zealand Institute for Pacifc Research. The project (which took place between 2017 and 2018) asked...
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Research briefing: Violence against women in Samoa

This research briefng provides information about the context of violence against women (VAW) in Samoa. It explores the social, cultural, and religious systems that serve to sustain the nation’s high rates of VAW, including local governance structures and the gender roles inherent within them. There...
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Policy environment for the tourism sector's adaptation to climate change in the South Pacific – the case of Samoa

Samoa and its neighbouring Pacific Island Countries are highly vulnerable to climate change risks because their population and infrastructure are mostly located on low-lying coastal areas. Impacts of climate change are potentially disastrous to tourism, the major economic sector in the region. This research examines...

Christian faith and family violence: a report for Samoan communities in New Zealand

The increase in cases of domestic violence in Samoa and the diaspora is slowly raising the public’s awareness of its impacts on the victims, who are overwhelmingly women and children. Because it is such a serious and growing social problem, it is a priority for...
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Using Census data to examine changes in wellbeing for Samoan, Cook Island, Tongan and Niuean households

This paper demonstrates how Census data can be used to examine changes in wellbeing for population sub-groups.

A malu i fale le gagana, e malu fo'i i fafo. The Use and Value of the Samoan Language in Samoan Families in New Zealand

New Zealand census data indicates Samoan language use has declined rapidly in the last 20 years, particularly among the New Zealand-born Samoan population. The aims of this qualitative and family-based study were to identify factors which might impact these declines with five South Auckland families...

E Agatonu a Manu'a o Fesili: Investigating the attitudes of an Auckland Samoan population toward the New Zealand criminal justice system

The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitudes of Samoans to the New Zealand criminal justice system. This also involved exploring Samoan people’s process of knowledge production and how this shapes their reactions to crime. The researcher’s interest in this topic emanated from...

Searching for the Digital Fāgogo: A Study of Indigenous Samoan Storytelling in Contemporary Aotearoa Digital Media

This research analyses the manifestation of fāgogo – an indigenous form of Samoan storytelling – in the digital media of Aotearoa. It argues that digital media and their associated frameworks have the potential to supplement historical fāgogo practices, nurturing cultural identity through connection in the...