Solomon Islanders


Discussion paper

The 2019 national general election in Solomon Islands — a personal perspective: navigating a maze of challenges

On 3 April 2019, the people of Solomon Islands will go to the polls to elect their representatives in the national parliament for the next four years, but the outcome of the 2019 national election will not change the core challenges facing Solomon Islands.

Select bibliography on Solomon Islands, 2003-2017

There is an excellent bibliography on early Solomon Islands: Sally Edridge’s Solomon Islands Bibliography to 1980, published in 1984 in Suva, Wellington and Honiara by the Institute of Pacific Studies at The University of the South Pacific, The Alexander Turnbull Library in New Zealand, and...

Connecting identities and relationships through Indigenous epistemology: the Solomoni of Fiji

Oral tradition is a significant aspect of the lives of most indigenous communities. Myths, legends, dances and songs have been passed down orally throughout the generations. Such indigenous knowledge needs to be documented if any indigenous community chooses to maintain it for future generations. This...