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Discussion paper

Getting ahead of the game: athlete data in professional sport

This discussion paper aims to ignite a conversation about the current reality that Australian professional sports are collecting extraordinary amounts of personal information about athletes. Concerningly, this data—which is continuous, personal, sensitive, and can be intimately revealing—amounts to excessively more information than has been shown...

Sport 2030: national sport plan

Sport 2030 is the Australian government’s strategic plan to invest in sport and physical activity over the next decade and beyond. It is Australia’s first national sport plan that charts a path to demonstrate how we will excel in elite sport, maintain sporting integrity, support...
Discussion paper

Consultation phase for the development of the national sport plan

The National Sport Plan will establish a shared set of national expectations across these issues, and others, for the sport and physical activity sectors. This report outlines the key themes and findings from the forums and online submission process.

Vitamin D Status and Performance in Semi-Professional Male Rugby Union Players: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

Background: Low vitamin D status is common amongst the athletic population internationally. Sufficient vitamin D is important for bone health and recent research also suggests an importance for physical performance, with associations found between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations and muscle strength and physical performance in...

Knowledge of vitamin D, Attitudes towards vitamin D and sun exposure and Prevalence of vitamin D supplement use in elite athletes

Background: Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent amongst athletes which could affect health, training and performance. Sun safety messages often dominate over vitamin D education and this is evident when investigating attitudes towards and knowledge of vitamin D and sun exposure in the general population. Knowledge...

Does ethnicity influence sweat sodium loss?

Background: Leading sports nutrition experts recommend customised fluid and electrolyte replacement strategies for optimal rehydration. Inadequate replacement of sodium can impair performance and health, but replacement needs are unique to an individuals' sweat sodium loss (SSL) - a product of sweat sodium concentration ([Na+]sweat) and...
Conference paper

Legal requirements to conduct blood testing in doping control: Oceania region

Abstract: As sport is now practiced on a worldwide basis, the fight against doping is an international problem and the solution to it must necessarily be international or the level playing field, which is fundamental to sport, cannot exist. There must be national building blocks...