Waste management

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Waste management planning
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The prevailing procurement system as a source of waste in construction: a case study

Prevailing project procurement processes and strategies are thought to be the root cause for many of the reported criticisms of the construction industry, such as lack of trust and collaboration and short term adversarial and transactional relationships. This study uses an integrated grounded theory case-study...

Compliance and enforcement: draft policy

This draft policy covers the Victorian EPA’s compliance and enforcement approaches for supporting and directing compliance as well as the EPA’s principles and criteria for decision-making, including the consideration of risk, and behaviour and motivations for compliance.
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Barriers and drivers to Australian water utilities’ adaptation to climate change

The water sector is increasingly facing unprecedented challenges and disruptive change, as are many other sectors of the economy. The partial privatisation of water assets is just the beginning of this process and climate change impacts will exacerbate all these challenges. Action needs to be...
Briefing paper

Towards sustainable packaging materials

This briefing from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership provides recommendations for businesses and government to help address the issue of eliminating plastic waste. The publication examines how companies from natural water and soft drinks sector can adopt a considered approach in their future packaging...
Journal article

Lean construction: evaluation of waste and carbon footprint in construction project

The purpose of this research was to find causes, impact analysis, and possible mitigation of waste and carbon footprint in the construction project. Results show the causes of waste were dominated by worker factors while the main causes of waste in the design phase were...
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Management of electrical modernization in construction with the comparison between standard and flexible approach in the economic aspects

Modern LED lightning technology has many advantages and many building administrators and owners are considering modernization of lightning system. Modernization can be done in many ways, also using flexible and agile methods. Article describes new approach of flexible management of electrical modernization with comparison to...
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Just in time in construction: Description and implementation insights

The construction industry has long been plagued with productivity and waste management issues on construction sites, unmet deadlines, and client dissatisfaction over the quality of the construction delivered. Having greatly aided the manufacturing industry, this paper investigates how the JIT philosophy could help with these...

Advice on recycling and resource recovery infrastructure – April 2020

Victorians are passionate about recycling but some have lost confidence in the system, with around a quarter of people we polled thinking the contents of their recycling bins ends up in landfill. This report identifies Victoria’s specific infrastructure needs in the waste management sector.
Discussion paper

Cleaning up our act: redirecting the future of plastic in NSW - discussion paper

This discussion paper lays the ground work for making NSW a national and global leader in the management of plastics. It sets targets to reduce the amount of plastic generated, increase recycling rates, reduce plastic pollution and make NSW a global leader in plastic research...
Discussion paper

Cleaning up our act: the future for waste and resource recovery in NSW - issues paper

The NSW government is developing the 20-year waste strategy, which will set the future direction of the state’s waste and resource recovery system. This issues paper identifies the challenges the waste system faces and proposes a vision for the future NSW circular economy.