Charitable giving


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the charitable sector, and its prospects for recovery

This report finds that the COVID-19 crisis will decimate the charity sector in the United Kingdom unless the government takes urgent action.

Evaluation of the Giving Circles at Work pilot

Giving circles are a form of collective giving, which generally involve donors joining together to pool their funds, then collectively deciding when and to whom the funds are to be distributed. This evaluation found that overall satisfaction with participating in the pilot was positive, and...

Retrospective impact evaluation: Save the Children’s sponsorship programming in Woliso Impact Area, Ethiopia (2002-2010)

This is the final report of a retrospective impact evaluation conducted of Save the Children’s Sponsorship program in Woliso, Ethiopia (2002-2010).

The giving experience – overcoming the barriers to giving among the wealthy in the UK

This report is written for fundraisers from the donor perspective. It reflects their experiences and perceptions of working with fundraising organisations, identifying the reported barriers to giving and provides insight on how to overcome those barriers by understanding what makes wealthy donors tick.

Over the character limit

This research, supported by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham, found that the more moral virtue language is being used on Twitter, the more likely there is to be virtuous behaviour on the platform.

Giving Australia 2016: Giving and volunteering: the nonprofit perspective

This report in the Giving Australia 2016 study explores how Australia’s Nonprofit organisations engage the community, business and philanthropic foundations. The report provides a snapshot useful to NPOs and sector funders for benchmarking and strategy. It also creates a new baseline for future research and...

Dear baby boomers: Australian philanthropy needs your help

A picture of what philanthropy looks like in Australia, and why we have an opportunity to improve our giving culture.

Encouraging charitable bequests by Australians

At the heart of this research is the quest to provide a robust evidentiary base for the development of policy and practices aimed at encouraging charitable bequests by Australians. This report identifies the following...
Working paper

An examination of tax-deductible donations made by individual Australian taxpayers in 2014–15

Australians are a generous bunch – with around 14.9 million adults (80.8%) donating $11.2 billion to charities and non-profit organisations (NPOs) over twelve months in 2015–16.
Discussion paper

Developing countries in need: Which characteristics appeal most to people when donating money?

A discrete choice experiment was conducted to discover the relative importance of five characteristics of developing countries, as suggested by the literature, considered by people when choosing countries to donate money to. The experiment was administered via an online survey involving almost 700 student participants...