Coral bleaching



Initial assessment of a new coral bleaching event at Tongareva Atoll in the Northern Cook Islands

This report covers the first assessment of a recent coral bleaching event at Tongareva, the largest and most remote atoll in the Cook Islands, in January 2019 and explores what can be done to mitigate the risks of climate change for there.

Impacts of climate change on world heritage coral reefs: update to the first global scientific assessment

The update was produced in response to World Heritage Committee Decision 41 COM7 (Krakow/UNESCO, 2017) to make available the most current knowledge regarding the impacts of climate change on World Heritage properties.

Lethal consequences: climate change impacts on the Great Barrier Reef

This report shows how the Great Barrier Reef could be hit with repeat coral bleaching events every two years by 2034, under current greenhouse gas pollution rates.

Impacts of climate change on world heritage coral reefs: a first global scientific assessment

This analysis showed that World Heritage properties containing coral reefs have been increasingly exposed to heat stress during recent years. Nearly half (13) of the 29 World Heritage Listed reef properties were exposed to levels of heat stress that cause coral bleaching, on average, more...

Does nutrient enrichment contribute to coral bleaching? A Fijian case study

This study investigated the effects of nutrient enrichment and thermal stress on the cellular and photosynthetic response of a dominant, reef-building coral in Fiji. Porites cylindrica corals were collected from Votua, Fiji, placed in individual mesocosms, and enriched with one of three concentrations of labelled...