Aussie logs for Aussie jobs

This inquiry report argues that Australia's timber industry is ripe for innovation and growth. With the appropriate policy settings, the Committee feels that the plantation industry may once again have the potential to expand.

Plantation waste to energy

This project aimed to assess the potential for pine plantation post-harvest residues to be used to generate energy in a behind-the-meter scheme for a business or community facility in the Alpine Shire.

Economic potential for new plantation establishment in Australia: outlook to 2050

This report examines the economic potential of new timber plantation establishment to 2050 under current conditions, referred to as the base case scenario. Policymakers and industry can use these projections to anticipate and adapt to expected changes in the industry and to better take advantage...
Working paper

To market, to market!: the changing role of the Australian timber merchant, 1945-1965

Australian timber merchants have long played a vital role in providing building materials, credit, and product information to builders.

Inquiry into VicForests operations

This report looks at the important and complex areas of supply of timber to industry and compliance with regulatory standards in Victoria.