Paediatric nutrition


Food and nutrition security in Timor-Leste: challenges and prospects

Timor-Leste’s high rate of malnutrition impedes the population’s ability to break the cycle of poverty and, at the national level, is a burden on national development. As a Least Developed Country, with a high poverty rate, achieving food and nutrition security is crucial for Timor-Leste’s...

Travelling with children, and nutrition and mental health

Transport accidents are a cause of death and disability across the developed world. In Australia, transport accidents are a leading cause of child deaths from unintentional injury (ABS, 2006) and a leading cause of hospitalisation (ABS, 2007). Most of those child hospitalisations from vehicle accidents...

Toddlers who won't eat and antihistamines and infants

The 'terrible twos' are never more determined than when it comes to mealtimes. This health, thriving ball of energy is suddenly eating nothing, and parents are perplexed about their source of energy. Meal times become a nightmare and food a battleground. How do we help...