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Copyright safe harbours


Submission by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) to the Australian Copyright Modernisation Review

In this submission, IFLA underlines the need for flexible exceptions and thus welcomed the introduction of a fair use exception, and alternatively an extended fair dealing exception that among its purposes recognised “library and archive use”, “certain educational uses” and “text and data mining”, among...
Discussion paper

Exposure Draft—Copyright Amendment (Service Providers) Regulations 2018: consultation paper

This consultation paper sets out some specific matters in relation to which stakeholder views are sought. However submissions are welcomed on any aspect of the Exposure Draft, and more generally, on whether the Exposure Draft is fit for purpose.

Why the not-for-profit cultural sector needs tailor-made copyright safe harbours

Copyright safe harbours can be a useful policy tool. They help ensure that exposure to copyright liability doesn’t inhibit socially or economically useful activity, such as developing internet infrastructure.

Australian tech start-ups stand to lose out in proposed copyright reforms

Australia's new copyright legislation is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t go far enough to create an environment that fosters Australian innovation, argues Kylie Pappalardo.
Conference paper

Building safe harbours in choppy waters - towards a sensible approach to liability of internet intermediaries in Australia

Many of the key principles of the common law and of intellectual property law were developed before widespread use of the internet. Many State and Territory statutes were drafted without clear territorial nexus provisions, on the reasonable view (before the internet) that it would be...