Good practice in supported decision-making for people with disability: final report

Everyone has the right to make decisions. People with cognitive impairment may need additional support. This project reviewed existing research on supported decision-making and developed a Principles and Guide to best implement supported decision-making.

Legal rights audit 2018

This report outlines how the legal rights of the presumption of innocence, natural justice, the right to silence and the privilege against self-incrimination are explicitly breached by 358 separate provisions in Acts passed by the Australian Parliament in 2018.

Legal rights audit 2017

This report illustrates the ongoing erosion of legal rights that persists in Australia, measured by an analysis of the content of all legislation passed by the Australian Parliament in 2017.

New Zealand disability strategy 2016–2026

The New Zealand Disability Strategy guides the work of government agencies on disability issues for a ten year period to 2026. It can also be used by any individual or organisation who wants to learn more about, and make the best decisions on, things that...

The state of fundamental legal rights in Australia

Executive summary: This report demonstrates that a serious problem exists with respect to fundamental legal rights in Australian law. Our research has focussed on the extent to which four such fundamental legal rights are abrogated in current acts of the federal parliament: 1. The presumption...