Autonomous vehicles

Alternate Term Label:
Driverless cars
Driverless vehicles
Self-driving cars
Automated vehicles
Conference paper

Will driverless cars produce walkable cities for Australia?

This paper draws on design research exploring detailed scenarios for driverless cars as primary access to suburban rail stations in Melbourne. The findings question the extent to which walkable urbanism is likely to result in a driverless future.
Discussion paper

Review of ‘Guidelines for trials of automated vehicles in Australia’: discussion paper

The National Transport Commission is reviewing the 2017 'Guidelines for trials of automated vehicles in Australia' to ensure they continue to encourage a nationally consistent and safe approach to automated vehicle trials. This discussion paper has been released to gather public feedback.

Autonomous vehicle implementation predictions: implications for transport planning

This report explores autonomous (also called self-driving, driverless or robotic) vehicle benefits and costs, and implications for various planning issues.
Journal article

Lane-level road network generation techniques for lane-level maps of autonomous vehicles: a survey

This paper presents an overview of lane-level road network generation techniques for the lane-level maps of autonomous vehicles with on-board systems, including the representation and generation of lane-level road networks.
Discussion paper

Taking flight: an aviation system for the automated age

This paper sets out the New Zealand government’s vision for how drones can be better integrated into the current transport system to develop a thriving, innovative and safe sector.
Journal article

Lies, damned lies, AVs, shared mobility, and urban transit futures

This article aims to explore public transport futures, but it also aims to challenge and “derail” what current common thinking is on transport futures.
Discussion paper

Filling legislative gaps in automated vehicles

This paper provides an overview of recent legislative trends to legalise automated vehicles (AV) operations, and explores possible challenges the community pursuing AV deployment will have to address, particularly by focusing on the non-technological aspects.
Conference paper

Identifying barriers in shared mobility implementation, a review

Urban mobility options have substantially increased in recent years, enabled by the widespread availability of smart device software Apps, geo-positioning technology, and the ease of electronic financial transactions. These options are likely to be supplemented soon by the rapidly advancing development of autonomous vehicles.

Who (or what) is behind the wheel? The regulatory challenges of driverless cars

A legal opinion by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) set the internet alight in February. The US road safety federal regulator informed Google that the artificial intelligence (AI) software it uses to control its self-driving cars could effectively be viewed as the...