Perceptions of crime



Supporting offenders into employment

Supporting Offenders into Employment (SOE) is a joint initiative between Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and Department of Corrections that is trialling new ways to support people as they transition from prison into sustainable employment. SOE involves engaging with a person before they leave prison...

No one teaches you to become an Australian

Each year, approximately 200,000 people from across the seas choose to make Australia their permanent home. This inquiry had a particular consideration of the social engagement of youth migrants, and what can be done to address issues arising from anti-social behaviour such as gang activity.

The criminalisation of immigration in the United States

Immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime. This holds true for both legal immigrants and the unauthorized, regardless of their country...

Fair and accurate? Migrant and refugee young people, crime and the media

The public perception of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds is often associated with crime or offending behaviour. Unbalanced media stories sometimes reinforce these stereotypes. Executive summary