Public dental services

Briefing paper

Telehealth coaching in oral healthcare

This paper examines how telehealth coaching can support outcomes-focused, patient-centred care in oral health. The brief provides recommendations for an oral health coaching program which incorporates value-based health care approaches, team-based care, and telehealth to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.
Journal article

‘There’s a wall there—and that wall is higher from our side’: drawing on qualitative interviews to improve Indigenous Australians’ experiences of dental health services

The aim of this study is to obtain a greater understanding of people’s perceptions, experiences of oral health, and the barriers and enablers that prevent Indigenous Australians from seeking timely and preventive dental care, using qualitative methodology.

Access to public dental services in Victoria

This audit assessed the extent to which people eligible for public dental services have access to oral health care that effectively meets their needs.

Follow up of access to public dental services in Victoria

This audit examines whether the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) have effectively implemented the recommendations made in a previous audit (2016) and addressed the underlying issues that led to them.

Northern Territory remote Aboriginal investment: oral health program July 2012 to December 2018

This report presents information on oral health outreach services provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the Northern Territory.

Australia’s adult oral health tracker 2018

This report card looks at the oral health of Australian adults in relation to risk factors, oral disease and adverse oral health outcomes. Australia’s Adult Oral Health Tracker will be issued regularly and will track the targets for better oral health in Australia by 2025.

A discussion of public dental waiting times information in Australia: 2013–14 to 2016–17

This report presents data at a state and territory level for the first 4 years (2013–14 to 2016–17) of the Public Dental Waiting Times National Minimum Data Set.

Administration of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Health’s and the Department of Human Services’ management and administration of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Final report of national advisory council on dental health

As a good oral health foundation in childhood is the key determinant of oral health throughout life, the Council commends the importance of a universal option for children. However, given the existing fiscal environment, the Council has included scaled down options for children, and adult...

Overview of Commonwealth involvement in funding dental care

This paper outlines the Commonwealth government’s role in funding dental health services in the past and prospects for future involvement in light of recent policy announcements.