Military equipment


Army’s Protected Mobility Vehicle — Light

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness and value for money of Defence’s acquisition of light protected vehicles, under Defence project Land 121 Phase 4.

Partnerships between universities and arms manufacturers raise thorny ethical questions

Research partnerships between Australian universities, the Department of Defence and weapons manufacturers may not be ethically justifiable.

Project LAND 400: defining the army

Defence’s most comprehensive, and expensive, package of land force modernisation is underway, at a cost of $50–70 billion. Nine complementary programs cover every area of land warfare, from personal equipment for the soldiers through to unmanned aerial vehicles, amphibious craft, special forces helicopters, digital networks...

Australia's new main battle tanks

The Australian Army is in the process of acquiring a new main battle tank (MBT). This acquisition is contrary to the policy announced in the 2000 defence white paper when the government said it had 'decided against the development of heavy armoured forces suitable for...