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Yooralla's Hospital to Home (H2H) Program

Yooralla’s experience indicates that the ‘Pathways to Home’ Program is a successful model for supporting people to live in a home-like environment while awaiting permanent supports.

Healthcare system transformation and the journey towards inclusive care

Healthcare systems in Australia and around the world are struggling with the same issues: service access and demand, workforce shortages and staff burnout to name a few. This report argues that new approaches to healthcare challenges are needed because historic methods are unlikely to be...

Australia and New Zealand Summit on the Value of Allied Health Care - summary report

This publication provides insights into the discussions and presentations at the Australia and New Zealand Summit on the Value of Allied Health held online in August 2022.

Supplementary codes for chronic conditions: evaluation report for population health monitoring

In 2015, a number of supplementary codes for chronic conditions were implemented in admitted patient care data in Australia. This report evaluates the use of the supplementary codes for the purpose of population health monitoring in Australia and provides evidence for including these codes in...

Under pressure: Australia’s mental health emergency

This report argues that addressing access to mental healthcare will require substantial, long-term changes to the provision of health services in Australia.

The unlucky country: life expectancy and health in regional and remote Australia

This report highlights growing health inequality between city and country New South Wales. Those in the state’s far west are twice as likely to die prematurely as their Sydney counterparts, and their deaths are two and a half times more likely to be potentially avoidable.

Reform critical: a fragmented health system at breaking point

Australia and New South Wales have the foundations of a great health system, with a highly professionalised workforce and principles of universality underpinning the efficient and effective delivery of health care. The authors of this report argue that those foundations are starting to crack, with...
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General Practice Data for Planning and Research: summary of a private roundtable

This paper summarises a roundtable discussion held in the UK in the summer of 2022 about General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR), a data- sharing initiative that the NHS launched in 2021.
Journal article

45 and Up COVID Insights: a dynamic and collaborative approach to evidence-making during the COVID-19 pandemic

Other authors
Catherine D’Este, Julia Steinberg, Marianne Weber, Jill Newby, Ding Ding, Bette Liu, Barry Edwards, Andrew Milat, Martin McNamara
This journal article describes a research project that was developed to generate timely, relevant evidence in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to guide policy, practice and planning in New South Wales.
Briefing paper

A roadmap towards scalable value-based payments in Australian healthcare

The author of this paper argues that embedding value-based payment models into the Australian healthcare system must travel down a digital road, while maintaining clinical safety and promoting health equity.

Australia’s medical workforce: maldistributed and lately never enough

This paper covers the spread of, and interactions within, the medical workforce in recent decades. It does this in order to illustrate the way in which a bias towards hospital and specialist care has occurred.

Quality Dementia Care Initiative: action plan 2022-23

This plan aims to build the capacity and capability of the aged care sector to embed and improve quality care for people living with dementia, their families and carers in Australia.

Evaluation of NSW community-based mental health programs: Community Living Supports and Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative

Other authors
Bella Bauer
The NSW Ministry of Health commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) to evaluate the CLS-HASI programs. The evaluation involved two rounds of qualitative interviews and focus groups, as well as the analysis of quantitative program data and statewide outcomes data about consumers. This report...
Briefing paper

Towards a thriving healthcare workforce

Healthcare workers are the cornerstone of health service delivery and quality of patient care. This brief identifies and discusses four areas where policy action should be taken to protect healthcare worker safety and wellbeing now and into the future.
Discussion paper

Consultation paper: development of the National health literacy strategy

This paper describes a draft framework that will form the building blocks for the 'National health literacy strategy'. This framework has been developed based on feedback gathered through consultations with a diverse range of stakeholders and consumers, and reviews of national and international evidence of...

Developing learning health systems in the UK: priorities for action

A learning health system (LHS) is a way of describing a systematic approach to iterative, data-driven improvement. This report was informed by a literature review, interviews, a survey of more than 100 expert stakeholders, and a series of practical case studies, offering real-world examples of...

New horizons: what can England learn from the professionalisation of care workers in other countries?

Care workers have undoubtedly been first on the front line, delivering care in perilous conditions, but last to see any meaningful acknowledgement and reward for their continuing perseverance. This report argues that there is now an opportunity for policy-makers to reverse the deepening workforce recruitment...

What works for health systems strengthening: an overview of the evidence

Other authors
Beth Scott, Nicola Wardrop
This toolkit is aimed at Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office's (UK) network of health advisors and policy and programme managers based in country offices and central teams. The purpose of this toolkit is to summarise and present key messages from the latest evidence on ‘what...
Systematic review

Pharmacy practice in emergency response during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from Australia

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the pharmacy practice and initiatives taken by the Australian federal government to ensure the continued supply of essential medicines under the conditions of an emergency response plan for COVID-19.

Aftershock: addressing the economic and social costs of the pandemic and natural disasters

As New South Wales recovered from the 2019-20 summer bushfires and the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Australia in February 2020, there was no indication of the upheaval and sacrifices that lay ahead. In this report, researchers look at mental health, drawing together...

Canadian health care’s digital future: voices of key leaders

This paper argues that collaboration is critical to advancing digital health in Canada. The problem is not one of technology - it is rather one of working collaboratively to get the right policy frameworks, incentives and governance in place to enable health data sharing and...
Briefing paper

Hospital treated self-harm: improved care through improved data

The authors of this paper argue that ensuring patients have a positive treatment experience and are connected with the supports they need to stay well, across community, outpatient and private health and psychosocial services, is essential to effectively managing self-harm and improving health outcomes.
Position paper

Statement from the Australian Physiotherapy Association on long Covid

In this position statement, the Australian Physiotherapy Association recommends publicly-funded treatment and investment in multidisciplinary teams, including physiotherapists, to manage long COVID and prepare for future health emergencies.
Working paper

Ageing and the long-run fiscal sustainability of health care across levels of government

The objective of this paper is to provide order-of-magnitude estimates of the possible effects of population ageing on government finances across OECD countries, and to discuss reforms to fiscal federalism and intergovernmental relations with the purpose of funding expenditures at all levels of government.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper: a whole of system approach to reforming private healthcare

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) invites interested people and organisations to make a submission in response to this discussion paper on a whole-of- system approach to reforming the private healthcare system.