Health services planning

Journal article

How and under what circumstances do quality improvement collaboratives lead to better outcomes? A systematic review

This realist-inspired systematic review aims to analyse contextual factors influencing intended outcomes and to identify how quality improvement collaboratives may result in improved adherence to evidence-based practices.

A new horizon for health services: optimising advanced practice nursing - a white paper

In this white paper, the Australian College of Nursing maps a course for health service improvement. Some sectors of the Australian population are underserviced, in terms of timely, equitable access to health care. Australia's senior nursing workforce is underutilised and is a ready solution.
Working paper

Prototype customised South Australian institutional racism measuring and monitoring tool

This resource outlines an initial prototype of a customised South Australian institutional racism measuring and monitoring tool.

A new vision for health reform

Health spending is the largest component of the US federal budget. Left unchecked, federal health spending is expected to double over the next decade. This paper details how to arm purchasers – consumers, physicians, insurers, employers, and the government – to make cost-effective decisions in...

Cultural respect framework 2016 – 2026 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

This framework commits the Commonwealth Government and all states and territories to embedding cultural respect principles into their health systems; from developing policy and legislation, to how organisations are run, through to the planning and delivery of services.

Digital health strategy 2019–2029

This document outlines the ACT Health Directorate’s strategic vision for enabling and delivering exemplary person-centred care through digital innovation.

The case for change: integrated prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect in NSW Health

This resource presents a discussion of the evidence driving integrated prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect in NSW, and aims to support NSW Health and partner organisations to “champion” integrated care initiatives through a shared understanding of the nature and impacts of clients’...

Digital inclusion guide for health and social care

This guide has been prepared to help healthcare providers, commissioners, and designers ensure that services delivered digitally are as inclusive as possible, meeting the needs of all sections of the population.

Sustainability and the health sector: a guide to getting started

The aim of this guide is to support and encourage the New Zealand health sector to take an active role in implementing sustainability as an integral part of its practice. This document outlines ideas as to how health facilities in New Zealand can reduce their...

Health at a glance: Europe 2018

The Health at a Glance: Europe report series gauges progress towards effective, accessible and resilient health systems across the EU. The report which is published every two years attempts to provide a neutral, descriptive comparison of all EU countries on the basis of publically available...