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Risk of psychological distress among recently arrived humanitarian migrants

This Research Summary explores Building a New Life in Australia (BNLA) participants’ risk of psychological distress — shortly after arrival in Australia (3–6 months, Wave 1 of the study), and at annual interviews after that (at Wave 2 and Wave 3). Differences in risk of...

Housing outcomes for recently arrived humanitarian migrants

One factor that can affect the settlement success of recently arrived humanitarian migrants is the ability to obtain secure housing. Drawing on longitudinal data from the 'Building a New Life in Australia' study, this paper explores humanitarian migrants' housing experiences across their first 3 years...

English skills, engagement in education, and entrance into employment of recently arrived humanitarian migrants

The settlement success of humanitarian migrants is likely to be affected by many factors. This Research Summary explores three of these factors: English language proficiency; possession or acquisition of educational qualifications that can assist with getting a job; and becoming employed.
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People from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds: an open access annotated bibliography

This second edition of an open access annotated bibliography has been curated by a collective of scholars who share an interest in the impacts of forced migration on people from refugee, asylum seeking and CALD migrant backgrounds. These resources are intended to be shared with...

Refugee alternatives 2018: improving policy, practice and public support

This publication outlines the outcomes of the second annual Refugee Alternatives conference, held in February 2018. The two-day conference, hosted at the University of Melbourne, brought together a broad range of expertise from across the country and globally to cover topics of displacement, protection, cooperation...
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A new model for community refugee sponsorship in Australia

This paper outlines a model which aims to secure an improved and expanded scheme that would allow ordinary Australian people and community groups to join together to financially sponsor the permanent migration of a refugee or refugee family to Australia and then provide them with...

Services for migrants and refugees

Coinciding with Refugee Week 2019, the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has released this report, which demonstrates how libraries across Australia are supporting new arrivals.
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International refugee law experts release road map for asylum policy

International refugee law experts have laid out what they say are the solutions to Australia's refugee management — a non-partisan and fact-backed roadmap for asylum policy.
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Kaldor Centre principles for Australian refugee policy

These principles are grounded in evidence and informed by good practices from other countries, as well as from Australia’s past. They provide real-world examples of how, and why, Australia can develop a more humane, sustainable and manageable approach to refugee policy.
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Refugee resettlement, social media and the social organization of difference

This article presents a 12‐month digital ethnography of 15 refugees settled in New Zealand with a view to examining their transnational practices of social media and its influence on integration and belonging.