Executive salaries

Discussion paper

Strengthening prudential requirements for remuneration: discussion paper

In this discussion paper, APRA proposes creating a new prudential standard to better align remuneration frameworks with the long-term interests of entities and their stakeholders, including customers and shareholders.

Remuneration practices at large financial institutions

APRA has released the results of a review of remuneration practices at large financial institutions, which found considerable room for improvement in the design and implementation of executive remuneration structures.

GFC+10: Executive pay in Australia

This report, analysing CEO pay in Australia, has found concerning trends that mirror the surge in executive pay in the lead-up to the GFC.
Journal article

Trends and determinants of top pay in the New Zealand public and private sectors, 1995-2014

This article analyses recent trends and determinants of chief executive (CEO) pay in the New Zealand public sector, and of numbers and pay of senior managers in the sector.

CIFR interview - 'two strikes' rule

Australia’s ‘two strikes’ rule empowers shareholders to vote on a board spill if the compensation report of a public company receives 25% or more dissenting votes for two consecutive years. ‘Say on pay’ legislation has been introduced in several countries but Australia’s version is unique...