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Bouncing back: boosting young people’s financial wellbeing after the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging - with young people particularly affected. For policy-makers to get to grips with what appears to be a cost of living crisis for young people, this report recommends that the UK government makes tackling this issue an urgent priority.

Triggering financial behaviour change

The Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) delivers a range of financial capability seminars and workshops in workplaces and communities under the Sorted brand. Evaluations of Sorted programmes show that many participants change their financial behaviour after completion. The aim of this research was to explore...

Financial knowledge of New Zealanders

Recognising the importance of measuring financial knowledge as a building block of financial capability, this report analyses New Zealand’s results by age, gender, ethnicity, education, employment status and personal income to identify areas of need and opportunity when targeting delivery of financial education.

Financial capability barometer 2018-2019

The Financial Capability Barometer 2018-2019 was a survey of 15,519 adult New Zealanders on their financial behaviours, attitudes and experiences. The data has provided valuable insights into the state of New Zealanders’ personal finances. Importantly, the survey is also a snapshot of New Zealand’s personal...

Conflicts of interest and disclosure

This research paper argues that any proposed policy action to manage conflicts of interest should ideally undergo further testing in the field in which it will be implemented to assess the likely real-world impact. This would improve the design of the policy and monitor the...
Briefing paper

Education and training requirements for financial advisers: background paper 6 (Part B)

This background paper explains both the current education and training requirements for financial advisers or financial planners and the key aspects of recent reforms in this area. This paper has been prepared using publicly available information.
Briefing paper

Some features of the Australian financial planning industry: background paper 6 (Part A)

This background paper provides information about the key participants in the Australian financial planning industry, some features of this industry, the main services offered by financial planners and advisers, as well as an outline of a selection of regulatory issues.
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Fact Check: Chris Bowen scaremongering on return of old-style commissions for financial advisers

Commentary around the Federal Government's proposed changes to financial advice laws suggests the financial planning and advice industry is about to return to the bad old days when retirees lost their life savings in dodgy investments that paid big commis

Saving: a simple solution to the fight against poverty

If we want to end poverty, we’ve got to start championing policies to build families’ assets, writes Gerard Brody.