Resale royalty rights



Blockchain and the creative industries: provocation paper

Over the past decade, technology companies have become powerful players in the creative economy. This report explores how the creative industries might benefit from investment in improved administrative infrastructure that can be furnished through new digital ledger technology (blockchains).

Inquiry into resale royalty right for visual artists bill 2008

A resale royalty, also called a droit de suite, entitles an artist to receive a royalty payment from subsequent sales of his or her artwork. The Bill is intended to create a resale royalty right in Australia and establish a statutory scheme to enforce the...

Resale royalties and new directions for the arts

This paper, which first appeared on Gas Quarterly, fuel4arts, discusses the recent Australian federal arts policy and in particular the renewed interest in the resale royalty rights for visual artists. We are given a glimpse of the pros and cons of such a scheme which...
Discussion paper

Proposed resale royalty arrangement: discussion paper

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring the sustainability and vitality of Australia’s visual arts and craft sector. As a direct result of this commitment, the Government commissioned Mr Rupert Myer to conduct the Contemporary Visual Arts and Craft Inquiry. The Report of the Inquiry⎯known...