Military history



Australia-Afghanistan relations: reflections on a half-century

It is now fifty years since diplomatic relations were formally established between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Kingdom of Afghanistan. This paper explores some of the key dimensions of the development of the relationship.

Anzac Day 2019 – military anniversaries in 2019: a quick guide

This guide summarises the military anniversaries taking place this year.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Are there powerful precedents which break with protocol for posthumously promoting John Monash to field marshal?

Military leaders are arguing against posthumously promoting John Marshal, saying it would run contrary to Australian military tradition, but Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claims there are powerful precedents for such a decision.

Military history: a quick guide to online resources - ANZAC Day 2018

The purpose of this quick guide is to provide parliamentarians and their staff with helpful resources for researching various aspects of Australian military history.