Climate risk

Climate uncertainty
Climate-related financial disclosures

A changing climate: what investors expect from company directors on climate risk

The objective of this report is to clearly articulate Australian investors’ expectations by detailing the experience, action and responsibilities required to constitute a climate competent board.

Sustainable Indigenous housing in regional and remote Australia

This research explores what is required for sustainable Indigenous housing in remote Australia to deliver positive health outcomes, so that housing stock is maintained at high levels and is designed with climate change in mind.

Department of Defense climate risk analysis

Climate change is reshaping the geo-strategic, operational, and tactical environments with significant implications for U.S. national security and defense. This Climate Risk Analysis (DCRA) responds to requirements specified in Executive Order (EO) 14008, 'Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad.'

Climate risk governance guide

This guide is an introductory resource for directors on climate change risk governance. It provides a plain-language introduction to fundamental climate change concepts, and considers this issue in the context of the non-executive directors’ role and duties.

The role of central banks in tackling climate change

This resource looks at the role that central banks and other financial regulators can play in mitigating climate-related risks to financial institutions and systems.

Legal opinion 2021: legal duties of New Zealand trustees to identify and manage climate change related investment risk

This document discusses the legal duties of New Zealand trustees to manage climate change-related risk to trust investments.

Policy opportunities on the road to net zero underwriting

This document explores the role of insurance underwriting in meeting global climate goals, supporting the transition and enabling societal change and resilience.

The rapidly emerging crisis on our doorstep

In this report, Robert Glasser, head of ASPI's new Climate and Security Policy Centre, documents the Southeast Asian region’s globally unique exposure to climate hazards and the increasingly significant cascading societal impacts they will trigger.

Global economic impacts of climate shocks, climate policy, and changes in climate risk assessment

This study assesses the global macroeconomic consequences of changes in climate risk. The authors also explore the impact of country-specific, economy-wide carbon taxes as a representative policy action to drive the global economy to achieve net-zero emissions by mid-century.

The ClimateWise Principles independent review 2020: defining paths for resilience

This document reports on the disclosure and preparedness of climate-related risk in 2020 for many large insurance companies.