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Housing for people with disability: evidence review of post-occupancy evaluation instruments

This evidence review aims to inform development of a rigorous framework for the post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of dwellings for people with disability who require high levels of physical support, with a view to enabling providers to continually evaluate and improve the design and suitability of...
Conference paper

Design standards and disability: limitations in person-centred home modifications

Falls are a significant problem for older adults which affect their ability to maintain their independence and remain living at home. Home modifications are a common method to prevent falls. Fall prevention service providers follow the Australian Standard 1428.1 Design for access and mobility as...
Journal article

Supporting Roy's interests: an unconventional journey from the house to the workshop assisted by personalized fall prevention modifications

The relationships between older adults and their home environments are commonly built upon several decades of personal-expression, values and goals. However, fall preventative home modifications often create a dissonance between existing environments and efforts to prevent falls at home.

Landscape modification: an alternative to residential access ramps and lifts

This report and associated documents explore and analyse the approach to modifying the surrounding landscape of a home in order to improve accessibility through innovative home modification solutions within a community care context.
Discussion paper

Caring for the carer: home design and modification for carers of young people with disability

This HMinfo Occasional Research Paper focuses on carers, that is those who deliver informal (unpaid) care to young people with disability, and particularly those carers who share their home with the person they are caring for, as well as the housing design considerations that may...

The head, the heart & the house: health, care and quality of life

This paper recommends a government reimbursement scheme for home retrofits. Executive summary This is a paper about older Australians and their homes. Homes are bricks and mortar and more. What they are and what they represent is not sufficiently captured by the labels “primary residence”...

Home Modification Information Clearinghouse

The Home Modification Information (HMinfo) Clearinghouse, established in 2002, is an information service tasked with collating, reviewing and creating the evidence base for best practice in modification of the home environment to support people with problems in self care, participation and autonomy.

The role of home maintenance and modification services in achieving health, community care and housing outcomes in later life

This research project had two broad aims, one focused on research and the other on policy. The first is to establish the foundations for a more extensive evidence base to underpin policies to provide home maintenance and modification (HMM) services to older Australians. The second...
Position paper

The impact of home maintenance and modification services on health, community care and housing outcomes in later life

The aim of this research project is to provide an analytical framework and research foundation for understanding the impact of home maintenance and modification (HMM) services on health, community care and housing outcomes in later life, and for developing more effective public policies relating to...

Flexible guidelines for the design of remote Indigenous community housing

A response to the need for a flexible framework of design guidelines - a 'design system' - for remote Indigenous housing. As such, the project provides concepts and design principles to supplement the focus on safety, health, quality control and sustainability in the National Indigenous...