Sleeping rough

Fact sheet

Fact Check: Are 30,000 women and 100,000 men sleeping rough on the streets of Australia?

Former army chief and Australian of the Year David Morrison claims there are more Australians sleeping rough than there are soldiers in the Regular Army.

The health and social costs of women sleeping rough in Australia's cities

There is very limited rough sleeping literature and what does exist has focused predominantly on men. This is one of the largest samples of women sleeping rough in Australian cities. From this sample, we are seeing that women who are sleeping rough have poorer health...

Homelessness in Victoria: Clients of specialist homelessness services, 2016–17

This guide aims to unpack the stereotypical image of the rough sleeper as representatitve of the homeless population, and to contextualise experiences of homelessness within recent data.

The state of homelessness in Australia's cities

This study showed that the majority of homeless people in Australia’s cities had low educational attainment, elevated rates of serious medical conditions, and high levels of interaction with the justice system.

Victoria’s homelessness and rough sleeping action plan

This action plan outlines the Victorian government’s long-term strategy to reduce and prevent homelessness.

Priced out? The affordability crisis in London

London’s distinct housing market has been exhibiting the strains of a crisis for some time. The scale of the demand for property, the tenure and household mix, the affordability gap for both renting and buying, and the scale of serious housing need all set London...

Taxing empty homes: a step towards affordable housing, but much more can be done

Vacant housing rates are rising in our major cities. Across Australia on census night, 11.2% of housing was recorded as unoccupied – a total of 1,089,165 dwellings. With housing affordability stress also intensifying, the moment for a push on empty property taxes looks to have...

“Housing first” takes second place

AUSTRALIA’s shocking homelessness statistics – one in every 200 people homeless at any one time, and a staggering one in eight without a home at some point in their lives – are a reminder that the homeless are not just the people we see on...

The case for investing in last resort housing

Executive Summary It’s cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them sleeping rough, a new cost-benefit analysis has found. The analysis found governments and society benefit more than they spend by providing last resort housing to homeless individuals. This is...

What a difference a month makes, but Victoria can still do more to get housing and planning right

The need for more affordable housing close to public transport and services is acute in Melbourne. Inner Melbourne has experienced a 74% increase in rough sleeping in the past two years. This is perhaps the most visible outcome of the lack of affordable housing options...