Land value

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Investigating the relationship between property values and employment trends

In a global economy where the dominant paradigm is economic rationalism, land property values exert substantial influence upon both our built and natural landscape.

Purchase of the ‘Leppington Triangle’ land for the future development of Western Sydney Airport

The objective of this audit was to examine whether the federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications exercised appropriate due diligence in its acquisition of the ‘Leppington Triangle’ land for the future development of the Western Sydney Airport.
Conference paper

Biophilic urban regeneration: can biophilics be a land value capture mechanism?

There is strong evidence for environmental, economic and social benefits derived through the applied methodology of biophilic design. Early data on the impacts of biophilics provides evidence for the significant increase in urban land and property prices as well as the public value of ecosystem...

Framework for land value capture from investments in transit in car-dependent cities

Many car-dependent cities have major transit projects stuck in financial and economic assessment due to inadequate links between land use, transport, and funding. This has left most urban transport networks underfunded and requiring significant government support. During this widening transit funding gap, there has been...