Health systems


Global risks report 2020

This report provides information on the major threats that may impact global prosperity in 2020 and over the next decade. The 15th edition of the report draws on feedback from nearly 800 global experts and decision-makers who were asked to rank their concerns in terms...
Policy report

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical workforce: policy statement

Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) recognises that a well-trained and culturally safe health workforce is essential to closing the health gap from the current unacceptable levels of disparity. To this end, AIDA have created this policy report outlining priority areas for the health system and...

Smarter health: boosting analytical capacity at NHS

This report offers a multiplicity of proposed recommendations for meeting the data analytic talent gap and achieving greater institutional readiness without full-time hiring. These recommendations complement those made by the Health Foundation in its December 2016 focused on improved training and cross-organisational teams to enhance...
Position paper

Cultural safety through responsive health practice: policy position statement

This position statement addresses the need for cultural safety in health systems.

Health and disability system review: interim report

The Health and Disability System Review is charged with taking a system-wide approach to what needs to change to ensure the health and disability system of the future achieves better and more equitable health and wellbeing outcomes. This interim report indicates the direction of change...

A new vision for health reform

Health spending is the largest component of the US federal budget. Left unchecked, federal health spending is expected to double over the next decade. This paper details how to arm purchasers – consumers, physicians, insurers, employers, and the government – to make cost-effective decisions in...

Action required: the urgency of addressing social determinants of health

This report lays out five steps for action that organisations can take to lead in a world in which social determinants assume a more prominent role. The research is backed by new results from a global survey conducted by PwC’s Health Research Institute, along with...

Digital health strategy 2019–2029

This document outlines the ACT Health Directorate’s strategic vision for enabling and delivering exemplary person-centred care through digital innovation.

Australia's long term national health plan

This health plan charts the way forward for Australia over the next 3 and 10 years in the key areas of mental health, primary care, hospitals, preventive health and medical research.

A window on the quality of Aotearoa New Zealand’s health care 2019

This report highlights a number of areas where change is needed. Some areas are related to the health system, including improved access to services, improved quality of care and sustaining improvements.